Private Singing/Drama Lessons: ($30)


Learn technique, breath, microphone use, increasing range, performance and much more!


Private Drama/ Public Speaking Lessons: ($30)


Learn how to write a killer speech and deliver it! Or learn how to emote, project and gain confidence for auditions! 


Glee Club: ($12)


Group performance. Sing, dance and act in eisteddfods and onstage!

Glee Adult

Glee Mystic

Glee Movies

Glee Musical Theatre

Glee Drama

Glee Jazz

Glee Contemporary

Glee Stories

Glee Pop


Creative Writing: ($15)


Got a lot of ideas in your head but you're not sure how to format it correctly? What about structure? We've got you covered!

Hair and Make-Up ($15)

Learn how to do stage and cosplay hair and make up!

2022 Private Lessons are filled for the year.